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Tulsa, Oklahoma based band “The Wright Brothers” are brothers Jonny, Jacob, Joe, and Jeremy Wright, who grew up playing music together.  

“Cosmic Hearts” is the first full-length release by the band, featuring polished cinematic rock infused with synth-pop/new wave vibes.  


After releasing their first single, the space-rock/synth-pop epic “Rocketship” with an accompanying music video, The Wright Brothers released the “Cosmic Hearts” LP in late 2017, followed by their second single “Hot Shot Love” - a fun, dancy, new wave pop-rock song, accompanied by the song’s equally fun and colorful music video.  


“Cosmic Hearts” is a skillfully produced, masterful collection of 10 songs that captures positive themes of youth, romance, and nostalgia- running the gambit from catchy guitar/synth pop radio songs (Hot Shot Love, Wonderdrunk, Earth Explosions, Young, Together), soaring melodic epics (Rocketship, Oh Jenny!, Fireworks, Theophany), and a dynamic soft-to-bombastic power ballad (Your Love Is All I Want). 


The album is available now, wherever music is streamed and sold digitally.